One Way Traffic Plan & Dispersal Plan Dear Parents

1. Time Table for One Way Traffic: 7.00am to 8.30am & 12.30pm to 3.00pm 2. No parking is allowed around the school premises 3. Students should carry their schoolbags with them as they get off the cars. Our security and support staff will be there to escort them in. Parents are requested to instruct their chauffeurs not to help the students with their bags and hold up the flow of traffic in the process. Please note: 1. Parents are requested to follow the instructions of the traffic control personnel. 2. Parents of PG to KG should drop their wards at the East Side Gate (Road 13A). If there is any sibling in Grade 1 & above, they can also be dropped at the same entrance, and student should use north-east stair case to go to upper floors. 3. Every student should have proper ID card and uniform. 4. Parents/Guardians should show Parents Authorization Card (PAC) at the time of picking up their wards. 5. Please use DPS Car Sticker. 6. Parents/guardians can wait in Parents Waiting Area after showing their PAC. 7. During dispersal, parents/students should use the specific gate mentioned below in the link. Dispersal Planning